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Minister of Interior’s Message

In this modern era there is a variety of challenges for the Law Enforcement Agencies. On one hand, the evolution of science and technology has brought revival in every field but on the other, numerous new ways have evolved to commit crimes. In the wake of rapid changes in the world, the extremist and terrorist activities have also mushroomed. The advent of these new ways of crimes coupled with the conventional ones, has augmented the need of modern ways not only to fight felonies and punish the culprits, but also to stop miscarriage of justice. The NFSA is playing a key role in helping justice system by applying novel scientific techniques in solving crimes. I am sure that the NFSA will assiduously work hard to face the future challenges.
I wish the agency and the entire staff all the best in their efforts.
Mr. Imran Khan
Minister of Interior, Government of Pakistan

Director General’s Message

NFSA has come a long way. It is nice to know that officials are striving to excel in the given environment. There is no short cut to success, let do whatever that little more is required to find the truth, to know the reality. Remember the prime task remains to find the facts and uphold it.
My special gratitude to the Government of Pakistan for funding the project and standing by in the creation of the forensic agency. The initiative without doubt will have a lasting impact in determining the reality and related veracity for timely verdict.
Good luck, make us proud!
Mr. Syed Ejaz Hussain Shah, PSP
Director General, National Police Bureau

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