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National Forensic Science Agency (NFSA) is a project under the National Police Bureau, Ministry of interior, Govt. of Pakistan. The agency provides forensic services, training and guidance to Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), Government Departments and Forensic bodies. Forensic Science Laboratories have been established to improve criminal detection facilities in Pakistan and also to enhance the capacity of law enforcement agencies through training and by equipping them with latest criminal investigation techniques using modern scientific tools. Thus we help in building public trust in the criminal Justice System of the country.



  • To provide quick, credible and timely forensic science services with approach and affordability to all those seeking truth and justice
  • To prepare, validate and implement a proper evidence management system
  • To establish state of the art forensic labs at Islamabad and to assist GB, AJK and different provinces of the country to establish similar facilities
  • To establish training institute for production of highly skilled technical staff and forensic experts
  • To promote cooperation among forensic science laboratories.