Exploitation of Explosive Devices by Forensic Techniques Held on 27 March, 2018 at NFSA, Islamabad 2018-04-21T15:21:56+00:00

Exploitation of Explosive Devices by Forensic Techniques

Held on 27 March, 2018 at NFSA, Islamabad

Since 2006, NFSA has been providing forensic services to various Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), judiciary and government organizations across Pakistan. Moreover, NFSA has also been providing trainings to aforementioned departments not only to spread forensic awareness but also to equip them with latest criminal investigative techniques as, forensic science is a vital tool to fight lawlessness. Exploitation of Explosive Devices by forensic Techniques was provided by NFSA on 27th March 2018, was also the part of this initiative.


  1. Khalid Nazir, Incharge Explosive-Section, NFSA
  2. Aftab Hussain, Scientific Officer-Explosive , NFSA


  • Pakistan Air Force
  • IGP Islamabad
  • MOD
  • Pakistan Navy
  • Intelligence Bureau
  • Special Branch, IGP Sindh
  • KPK Police

Thrust of Discussion

The topics brought to light were: –

Types of Explosive, Different Forensic Techniques & Fake Detectors:

Mr. Aftab Hussain briefly described the Explosive and different types of energetic materials. He elaborated the precursors of Improvised Explosives and use of Homemade Explosive in different National and International incidents. He further described modern forensic techniques used in Explosive analysis. He also mentioned the list of fake detectors which were & yet used globally and as well as in Pakistan.

Improvised Explosive Devices, Sample collection and preservation:

Mr. Khalid Nazir briefly described the Components, Triggering and Launching methods of IEDs. He illustrated different parts of IEDs, methods of forensic analysis of such parts and also talks about the new trends of IEDs used by terrorist in Pakistan. He briefly described the procedure of sample collection and preservation of evidence related to Explosive material.


The aim of the program was to primarily aware the LEAs personnel about the different types of Explosives, practices of forensic analysis of explosives, IEDs & it’s different initiation mechanisms and also specialized techniques used to analyze Pre & Post blast cases.


  • To conduct more programs on topics related to Explosive and IEDs.
  • Increase number of participants including other working staff from same organization.
  • To carry out more practical exercises to get a better understanding of things learned during lectures.