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Explosive Analysis Laboratory

Explosive analysis lab of NFSA commenced its working in 2014. The lab is dealing with criminal, explosive and terrorism related cases by doing forensic analysis of the unknown samples. Such kind of analysis helps law enforcement agencies to narrow down their investigation and modus operandi. Different analytical techniques are employed to detect and identify even minute traces of explosive materials. The explosive lab is providing following forensic services:

  • Post blast analysis
    • After the explosion, the chemical composition of unburnt traces can be detected and identified.
  • Chemical composition of unknown material (Pre blast)
    • When an un-exploded device is recovered from possession of a person or detected during screening of an area, dwelling or clandestine lab, a few specimens from it can be taken and analysed to know the chemical composition and nature of substance.
  • Exploitation of different parts of IEDs
    • Different parts of an IED, chemical composition of the material and its confinement, triggering mechanism and the way in which it is fabricated can help the investigator to know about the current trends of IED manufacturing and linkage between different IED’s incidents

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