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Fingerprints Lab

Fingerprinting is still the most reliable and easy way for criminal identification. Fingerprints of a human start to form even before birth during the second trimester and last throughout the life unchanged. Fingerprints remain few hours even after death. No two persons can have the same fingerprints and therefore it is a perfect mean of personal identification. Fingerprint section of NFSA started to work in 2013 and is currently offering following services:

  • Fingerprint Identification and Comparison
    • Fingerprints on disputed documents like Stamp papers, Sale deeds, Transfer letters, judicial documents and other related evidences are being identified by their provided reference/specimen fingerprints.
  • Latent Print Development
    • Fingerprints which cannot be seen by naked eye are called latent prints. Such latent prints are being developed from all kind of evidences (porous as well as non-porous surfaces).
  • Analysis of Palm and Foot prints
    • Palm and bare foot impressions recovered from crime scene are analysed in the lab for comparison with reference/specimen impressions.


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