Forensic Awareness Program for First Responders, 20th February 2018 2018-09-30T18:56:28+00:00

Forensic Awareness Program for First Responders, 20th February 2018

Since 2006, NFSA has been providing forensic services to various Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), judiciary and government organizations across Pakistan. Moreover, NFSA has also been providing trainings to aforementioned departments not only to spread forensic awareness but also to equip them with latest criminal investigative techniques as, forensic science is a vital tool to fight lawlessness. Forensic Awareness Program for First Responders was held on 20th February 2018, was also the part of this initiative.


  • Mr. Muhammad Imran (Crime Scene Officer, Incharge CSI/ERU)
  • Mr. Shah Hussain (Crime Scene Officer)
  • Mr. Muhammad Ajmal (Crime Scene Officer)

Participating Organization

  • ICT Police
  • Islamabad Traffic Police

Thrust of Discussion

  • Who may be present at a crime scene
  • Duties of First Responders at a crime scene
  • Importance of crime scene and evidence
  • Integrity of evidence
  • Capabilities and limitations of forensic science
  • Misconceptions about forensic science

Impact of the Program

Through the program the participants were able to: –

  • Meet each other and explore one another’s working
  • Gain first-hand knowledge by instructors, working in relevant fields
  • Figure out the complexities of examination challenges
  • See into Forensics’ new jargons, new explanations and new ways of analysis
  • Generate new thoughts by questions and discussion
  • Bring new things to light via personal examples and experiences of presenters, and the difficulties faced by them on a daily basis


  • To regularly organize such programs in future
  • To organize such programs for other stakeholders
  • To conduct more programs on topics related to forensics
  • To increase time duration of the program
  • To increase mutual co-ordination among different stakeholders