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National Forensic Science Working Group Meeting held on 03, 04 September, 2018 at PC, Bhurban

Working of forensic labs across Pakistan differs in terms of equipment used, qualification and skill/expertise level of forensic analysts, procedures & precautions and quality standards. After the 18th constitutional amendment, the subject of security has been transferred to provinces and it is very unfortunate that no centralized quality standards policy of forensic labs exists to be followed.It is privilege to say that NFSA has endeavoured to establish a “National Forensic Science Working Group” to frame coherent forensic laboratory standards and making them compatible with international ISO standards. The idea of this working group was coined during the National Forensic Science Conference, organized by NFSA on 14-15 February, 2018. In this regard NFSA has stepped forward, as being the leading forensic agency at national level, and a preliminary meeting of this working group was organized in Bhurban on 3-4 September, 2018 to make a roadmap on setting quality standards. Working group on standardization of Quality Assurance System comprised of representatives (members) from NFSA, PFSA, Forensic Division Sindh, Sindh Forensic Science Agency, FSL Peshawar and FSL Quetta. Several decisions were made in consensus including formation of sub groups of quality management in each forensic discipline, formation of working group on legal reforms, devising of quality manuals/safety manuals/SOP’s, extensive trainings at PFSA, 2nd National Forensic Science Conference, periodic visits of forensic experts in each lab, media campaign of forensic awareness for general public and finalization of National Quality Standards by 2020. These quality standards, once devised, will be submitted before the relevant legislative bodies for approval. Implementation and regulation of these standards will be on the part a regulatory authority.