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Questioned Documents Laboratory

Any piece of written, printed or electronically produced material that provides information or evidence or may serve as an official record is called document. Questioned Documents is a term associated to all those documents that are entirely or partially subjected to question for its authenticity or its origin. Thus such documents are disputed in the court of law. Questioned document analysts evaluate / compare the characters of any signature, handwriting, typewriting, or other marks whose source/authenticity are in dispute with the known standards. The Questioned Document lab is providing following services:

  • Handwriting Analysis
    • Handwriting results from a very complicated series of acts, being used as a whole, combination of certain forms of visible mental and muscular habits acquired by long effort. Any disputed handwritten document is analysed by comparing it with routine handwritten
      scripts written earlier to the questioned and specimens in slow medium and fast pace.
  • Signatures Analysis
    • Signature is the name of the person written by him/her in a document as a sign of acknowledgement. Any disputed document bearing signature of alleged is analyzed by comparing it with routine signatures of the same preferably signed prior to the date of questioned and specimens in slow medium and fast pace.
  • Alteration
    • A document that contains some change, either as addition or a deletion. Different types of techniques are employed to verify if any attempt of alteration was made.
  • Erasures
    • Removal of writing, typewriting or printing from a document, accomplished by either chemical eradication or by an abrasive erasure in which writing is effaced by scratching out with any object.
  • Obliteration
    • The blotting out or smearing over of writing to make the original invisible or undecipherable.
  • Indented writing
    • Small indentations / impressions made on the sheet of paper that is immediately below the one on which writing was made. Such writing can be deciphered by electrostatic detection apparatus.


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